Growing up in a family that encouraged the arts, I was captivated by old family photographs from an early age. My exploration with photography began when my dad gave me his Canon A1 in the late seventies and when I’d borrow my mom’s Polaroid and play around with the developing of the image. My native Pennsylvania is rich in heritage as well as great painters and artists, giving me cause to explore the huge world of Art.

Inspired by giants around me, I was encouraged to follow my own interests. After graduating from Westtown in 1983, I headed to Boston. Photography not only led me to favorites like Aaron Siskind, Minor White, and Fay Godwin, but also stirred a craving for creating images with dramatic effect. Recognizing life’s inevitable growth and decay cycle, I’ve been inspired to capture the beautiful and vanishing world around me.

Elements composing nature’s geometric patterns are fascinating and hard to ignore. I am a dreamer, I admit, but I believe being sensitive to others and to nature will surely bring about a harmony we can all enjoy. My hope is that you will enjoy a glimpse of my eye on the world.